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Best Buy Fireworks has earned a reputation for quality, value and selection that has set the standard in the consumer fireworks industry. At Best Buy Fireworks, we're committed to giving you more bang for your buck.


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Lil Pyro Bucket

Diablo 12

America's Elite

Gorgeous 20's

Pyro City

Flashing Signal


Bucket O' Fun

Outa Control

Party Pack 4

Storm Raiders

Hearts and Daggers

Dungeouns of Doom

Texas Pop Rockets

Highwat to Hell

Super Snaps

Victory Sword

Pyro Pack

Pro 4 Gold

Thunder Guns

Great Barrier Reef

Little Dynomite

16000 Roll

War Games

Party Pack 5

Tasmanian Devil

Pound Rocket 4

Artillery Attack

Cockoo/Killer Bee

The Godfather

Party Pack 6

Burin' Rings of Fire

Ring Shell

8000 Roll


Night Display

Diablo 24

M-88 Tank


In Living Color

Excellent Assortment

Willow King 25

Pyro Party


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Best Buy Fireworks
17102 Cole Industrial Boulevard
Alvin, TX 77511
(281) 331-1919
(281) 331-5618 (fax)


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Best Buy Fireworks, headquartered in Alvin, Texas, supplies quality fireworks and supplies to retail customers in Texas including eastern Texas and the Houston area. Family-owned and operated by the Cole family for more than 50 years, today 11 indoor stores can be found in around Houston and eastern Texas.